📷 photography Colourfulflowers and the busy butterfly 📷

in photography •  last year

Hello steemit friends! Here's my photos i took yesterday while walking around at the plaza. We call these flower as "bangbangsit" (bad odor) in our dialect iloko,the leaves has bad smell.


These kind of wild flowers has a different colors that attracted me to take a photo, not only that. This beautiful busy butterfly catches my attention too... Photos are taken at Burnham Park Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines!



Photos shot using my smartphone sony experia xa ultra, hope u'll like it!
Thank you so much 😊

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Hello, I guess you like to shoot close objects in nature like myself.


Yes I'm a big fan of macrophotography and I'm trying to do it 😊

Hello @amliv08
Beautiful yellow butterfly. In the next few opportunities try to include a little more information around the photo, location, phone or camera used etc.

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Thank you so much our dear @teardrops for the opportunity, I'm so happy for that... 😊😄 Jah bless us all!