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Art of taking photos ✌️


Colors from Morocco:


Photos taken by a Nikon D3100

Thank you for your support and have a good day 👍👍

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Photographs are good, but not $51 good. Don't use BOTS, you have been spotted due to this

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Dear @slobberchops,

Normaly it's permited in steemit boosting posts, i dont know why you downvoted me?!

i spend 100+ steems in boosting this post!! it's a form of advertising!

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The same reason as I did, because we disagree with the rewards whether they are bought or not. It's a low effort post.

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May be it's your point of view, but if you look at the content (and all my posts) , you will realise that i do a lot of effort !!

But any way, i understand your point of view, but i think i dont deserve such punishement!!

next time i'll avoid this kind of boost!!

But please this time remove your downvote!!


It's not a lot of effort, it's 2 photographs and 21 words.

Exactly why I downvoted also! Zero effort zero rewards #newsteem

Word will get around fast.. I hope. Would prefer not to do this.

I do not agree, and especially with honourable people like @aminealaoui, he is a very honest friend, and I think it's enough a simple warning without downvote! If you really want to do a good job!!

Likewise, I’m hoping to see more “honest” doings here as a result.

Two Original photographs taking by me and not every day we see such photos!!! may be for you it's not an effort!! but for me and a lot of people ( 16 votes without bid bot) it's an original work!

Retaliatory votes on comments and downvoter's posts are a good way to ask...

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Yes i know about HF21 and a share with you the idea :)

And i told you that's an error, and i'll not do it again!!

i explained you the reason, and i showed you my good intention, if you want to remove the downvote, it will be good for me. If not, i learned something new and it cost me your downvote :)

Anyway, we're here for fun, not to get into this kind of thing (people will leave you alone).

Have a good day, and nice to meet you.


  ·  18 days ago (edited)

Nice retaliation. Jumped off the flag trail and upped my downvote from 25% to 100%. Have a nice day. I call bullshit on your good intentions BTW.

No comment !!

Don't buy it @slobberchops.

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Dear @anthonyadavisii you must know that I am not guilty of nothing, I have already explained my point of view, and I have already admitted my fault, but unfortunately you are still flagging me that's why I flag too, no more and no less!

You like it or not, it's your problem, it's not mine, I've already lost what I have to lose!

Ahh, the natural soaps again?

At least you got the photo the right way around this time.

Not good enough for a $51 post.

Nice captured. But what are the things? I do not understand.

Morocco is a beautiful and diverse country. These spice are so bright and eye-catching. You have a good photo shooting equipment to make these colors like in real life

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