After six months of silence

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Back to the internet life

It's strange, but I didn't visit my blog for about half a year. Why did it happen? Many reasons.
It was necessary to work hard and there was no way to distract from this process, since my customers demanded all my time.
And then the era of the coronavirus came and even more problems piled on me.
But let's not talk about problems ...
I would like to talk about something more kind and eternal. To be honest, about photography.
One way or another, photography is part of my life. And over the past period, I managed to take some good photos. Although, perhaps these photos can only be called good in comparison with my own bad photos.

If you remember, then a trip to the Vladimirirsk region and the city of Suzdal comes to mind. This is an ancient Russian city and the spirit of Russian history is felt in it. The ancient walls of monasteries, many temples and beautiful houses with centuries of history make this city look like a museum.
I was there in late autumn, before the snow falls. It was cold but very beautiful. This story deserves a separate post.

With the arrival of winter and abundant snow, I did not manage to do anything outstanding. Unless my camera broke in the cold. This is a big problem, since my beloved Canon 5d mark 2 has worked without problems for over 10 years. She is outdated, but still takes very decent pictures.
Well, you have to buy something new and this is a separate problem of choice and cost.

By the way, winter visits to nearby cities did not stop during the winter. Gord Nerekhta, a 30-minute drive from Kostroma, is very interesting. It has something to see and the spirit of antiquity also hovers.

Before the snow, walks around Kostroma and its environs gave us several beautiful days of golden autumn.
In a word, there was both good and bad ...

And tonight I felt that I have the strength to write and speak something. And I return to the air as an author in my invariable theme of the beauty of my native land - my Russia.






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