To have pets at home, is it a pleasure or a need?!

in #photography4 years ago

For me the two answers are valid, firstly the fact that I love pets, and secondly the fact that I don’t find too much time to go out with friends, that's why I concidère the contact with animals domestic a way that allows me to create sensual relationships between me and the pet, it assures me fidelity, sincerity and affection.


The intelligence of cats allows me to feel safe, especially since I have a phobia of insects, I find that cats are the most suitable solution to feel safe in this case. At the same time cats like to play with insects 😁, from my observation of Stifler's behavior.


Pets also have a developmental advantage in children because they learn a lot through contact with the pet. the main one is the physical development by playing together, and also taking care of the animals allows the children to learn to organize and take responsibility.


Although most beliefs unfortunately claim that black cats carry bad luck, that's why there are people who are moving away from black animals, believing that they have evil spirits, but I confirm the contrary, I find that the black cats are a wonderful breed. Stifler, is an adorable black cat that everyone can have as a pet at home.

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i think pets are a need for humans! Because they can be our best friends for all over our lives, but any body can not be a best friend forever

Awesome photo, the instrument is not the camera but the photographer!

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