Winter sunsets in the city

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Sunsets in the winter are more severe than in the summer. Dark clouds and a frosty sky give off cold tones of the colors of the sun. Snow in the city copies the color of the sky. I'm happy to share with you sunsets in Minsk.


Great photography! what colors!

Thank you!

where do you get these pics? They are breathtaking! But I know you are not actually taking them yourself are you?

Thank you! I photographed these photos two years ago. But I also publish photos from friends and write about it in the texts.

Wow, you must be big shit, in the photography space! I'm always in awe...Keep em coming. I always like the backstory to photo's too. Saves me from having to use my imagination!! ;)

well done always1success!

Thank you very much for sharing with us these really amazing pictures!
4x high class, absolutely high class pictures!!!

Thank you for rating!

That first one is my favorite that's awesome but the one with the Thin Red Line that is a very close second great work I hope to see more in the future thank you for sharing

Thank you for rating!

Always beautiful sight to see. Lovely

the photography has absolutely blown my mind.

nature produce unlimited beauty...thanks for sharing

I live in Sydney and wish we got snow :(

Wow beautiful photography ♥

Wow its really nice photography

Beautifully chilling. Reminds me of those winter nights in New York. Thank you.

Incredible photos my friend.

Thank you, my friend!

again great photos x

Great picture wow

Thank you for rating!

Buen post, buenas noches saludos

So nice to see endless horizons and shimmering colours

Gorgeous skies!

Excellent images ..

çok güzel fotoğraflar. Bence bu yaşadığınız şehirden gelen ilham kaynağıdır.

OMG, these are stunning!

Really nice photos. I especially like the bottom two. The sky on fire and the building looking up into the sky. Nicely done. And thank you for coming by and supporting me. Upvoted & following :)

These shots are amazing. Plus i learned of a new city. I've never heard of Minsk before...thanks to google I was able to find out more about the city.

Holy Moly, guacamole! These pictures are stunning. Each one of them carries their own beauty. That sunset has captured my heart though. Such beautiful and warm colors flowing from such a clear and open sky. I wish i could be where you stand at those very moments. I bet it's peaceful and awe striking at the same time! Keep getting great shots and steem on!

so amazing I like your way of working

waho! so nice so incredible

Incredible photos. The first three bring to mind the scripture that says, "The heavens declare the Glory of God."

Very nice!!

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Nice Photos! Did you make HDR pictures? The clouds have come fantastic! Thanks for your loyalty my friend :D Upvoted

Thank you for rating! Yes, I make HDR pictures with my friend.

Beautiful winters..and sunrise looking bright I like your post

Amazing sky and clouds, the city becomes not important on its background

Thank you for rating!

wow your imagination and choice of pictures work perfectly with nature, am inspired.

It's absolutely beautiful your photos are really beautiful.

The best photos I've seen all week. Very nice!

your post is awesome i like it...
I'm in love with you your all post

wonderful pictures!

Stunning! The third one is my favorite. Love the light behind the clouds and then the beautiful red orange of the sunset below.

Wow! I love these, how cool the sky looks! It's amazing to me the kinds of views we can capture in photos these days! The contrast of nature and man-made cities is beautiful.
Oh, and thank you for following me, I'm trying to ensure I show gratitude for anyone who follows me :) I look forward to seeing your future posts!

awesome shooot bro i used the skyline as my pc backround lol

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