The Principality of Andorra

in photography •  9 months ago

The Principality of Andorra is one of the dwarf states of Europe. The Principality is located in the eastern Pyrenees between France and Spain. In Andorra, the high mountains are separated by narrow valleys. There are many mountain lakes on the terrain. The ski season in Andorra lasts from early December to mid-April. My friend sent me these beautiful photos. I am happy to share with you the mountains of Andorra.

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beautiful photo my friend and your blog must be frozen by so many photos of ice haha


Thank you, my friend!


Thank you!

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Nice place for a hotel

I love this posts,, 😍😂😂

I love the snowy mountains, in Venezuela there are only snowfalls in merida but not with such magnitude, even so it is my favorite place to visit, it would be great to be there


Thank you for rating!

whewww! 3rd and 5th picture are tied for my favorite! gorgeous!!


Oh my, really beautiful in winter!
I went to Andorra briefly in 1994, I was a little kid back then but it was in summer and the landscape was completely different hehe.

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Awesome pictures of Andorra, nice work!

Have you actually been inside the Hotel Iglu?

excellent post!! Upvoted and rebloged

How i pray that God would bless me to see this with my own naked eye the amazing beauty that place @always1success. Bless your shots.


hermosas imágenes! Buen Post.

Beautiful snow-capped landscapes!! White snow and blue sky something to magic !


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Beautiful scenery... I wish i could take a tour to this beautiful environment, one day.

That hotel looks like an adventure 😊

oh! My dream is travel a lot. Hello from this Latin girl.