Storks of Belarus

in photography •  2 years ago  (edited)

The white stork is one of the symbols of Belarus. Many storks live near lakes and rivers. I like the calm behavior of the storks and the beautiful feathers of this bird. Less often in Belarus you can see black swans. In the last two photos the black swan sits on the branch of tree:

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nice photos! what camera you used?

Thank you! I used a Nikon camera

nice photos. Love them much. Thanks for sharing

Thank you for rating!

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All beautiful photos Great Share. Upvoted.
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wonderful! upvoted and following

hermosas fotos. llama mi atención especialmente el cisne.

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Nice shots. The last two pictures it looks like it is a black stork.

Lovely shots, i like it

hermosas fotos, saludos es un animal muy hermoso, y delicado.

Pretty birdies <3. I love their black wing tips.

these birds are adorable)) so prideful!

Nature is so complex and beautiful. So full of diversity. Thanks for post.

Ahhh the memories... When I lived in the southern tip of Spain, they were everywhere! I miss that clicking sound they make, when you pass their nests. Nice photos :)

love it!

You are really wonderful continued
Always in her creativity

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Thank you for introducing me to this bird. Good post my friend. - Troy

So beautiful storks!

VEry Cool pictures. I love birds and animals. thanks for posting these.

They are beautiful)