Spring sunsets

It's still cold. Nature froze in anticipation. But the sun is trying to wake plants and forests. Every day the sun adds more and more heat. The time will come and nature will bloom with greens. My friend sent these spring photos from Kaliningrad in Russia. I'm happy to share with you the beauty of sunsets.


gorgeous as usual ;)

waiting for more from you always1success! keep motivating!

They are very very nice.

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be in the right place at the right time ..

Hi always1success
Beautiful sunset thanks for sharing it with me.
Have a fantastic day.

The top and bottom one is my favorite ❤️

very inspiring?

Yes very! 😊👍 Both are gorgeous, but something about they bottom photo... I've always loved Tree silhouettes in the sunsets, but if I had to pic a favorite, would be the bottom photo. (Too bad you couldn’t post the High Res for download or I would have it printed and hung in my house! 👏😊) Excellent photo. Great work!

Upvoted! 👊

Wow amazing sunset. Great work @always1success

Fantastic Shots - WOW :-)

Thank you for rating!

Very good photo of the sun behind the flower.

Thank you, my friend!

Impresionantes estos atardeceres, bellezas únicas, saludos

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Great photos! The winter made for some great shots but I cannot wait for everything to bloom!!

Great captures.. Amazing.. I really enjoy sunrises and sunsets. Very peaceful and humbling sights

Ooohhh ... I think the last one is my favorite. How atmospheric hartje.gif

Thats such a great shot, my favourite is the last one its just so pretty how the sun is behind the tree, good job.

Gorgeous, lively colors, wow. Thanks for the awesome views.

These are beautiful shots of sunsets. The colors seem so alive and real. Sunny greetings and resteem

This is amazing piece of art of photography.

Great!! And great!!!!

Be amazed. Russian sunset is very beautiful.

The red is amazing in these!

Man, some incredible pictures. I imagine you had to bundle up for those shots though. It looks cold!

And our sun became a dying red star... ❤️ Beautiful pictures

Wow, very pretty😊👍👍👍

Beautiful ^^

Spring a new and beautiful beginning


very nice images! which camera and setup?

Beautiful sunset!

Страхотни снимки. Браво.

Very beautiful sunrise.

What a beautiful phrase! It's awesome the things nature can do! @always1success

Very nice, fantastic pictures...

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Wonderful Views <3

hola alwais te he dado mi voto y espero que me des el tuyo para que asi nos ayudemos

There are so nice colors in a sunny day of winter.
Thank you for following!

Incredibly beautiful the results of your portrait. @always1success

So beautiful !

Beautiful photography. 💕 Thanks for sharing this with us.

Some incredible colour combinations here. So mystical and gorgeous. Beautiful photos :)

what amazing photo's i especially am in love with the first one.. just gorgeous :D x

Your friend is a good photographer!

beautiful sunset photos.

I love this series! The colors are fabulous.

Amazing photos.

great take, friend, I congratulate you