Snowy trees

in photography •  11 months ago

I'm happy in the winter in Belarus. Snow fell a lot. But in the city, the snow is still melting from the heat of the sidewalks. Snow has many shades of color. You do not notice it. But when your eyes get used to it, you begin to see the world around you in a new way.

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Beautiful photos!


Thank you!

just loved them

Wow, amazing picture. Beautiful moment

Your writing to me seems so ridiculous. You wrote that the snow tree is actually a lot of laughter but the pictures have been very good.

Strong and outstanding one, ! Beautiful dramatic mood. congrat


Thank you for rating!

These pics are so beautiful! How do you stay warm??


Thank you! I love being in the fridge )

very scary

Haven't been in much snow since early 2015 so this fun to view ☺


I can not do without snow. Otherwise, I must go to the North Pole ...

That's a lof of snow!

At least you have a winter that deserves this name...


Alas, the winter becomes warmer every year.


Sometimes I think it seems so....

Beautiful photos sire, check out my blog


it is wanderfull atmospher

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Splendid view i like it 👌👌

you always have great content


Thank you for rating!

nice post buddy i like it...............!!


Beautiful snow pictures...

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there is nothing like feeling you get on a fluffy white snowfall and all the snow sticks to the tree's. until the snow melts it all off of course.

Beautiful !