Silence of Bigovo

in photography •  5 months ago

Bigovo is a settlement in Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea near Kotor Bay. Residents of the village mainly engaged in fishing. Bigovo is located in a place protected from the wind where you will see a lot of yachts. The village is famous for its clear water and remoteness from noisy tourist places. My friend sent me these colorful pictures of the sea. I'm glad to share with you the sunsets of Montenegro.

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It seems great place for sunset.


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Kinda makes me wanna go fishing...;)


This is a good idea!


I'm full of those! ;)

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This is beautiful. Even at eve, the place looks grate. And guesd what...I would love to take a trip to visit Bigovo

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@always1success I have to say your pictures are awesome, specially with those sunsets you managed to capture, keep' em coming!


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Your photos are amazing :) so much beauty in this world!!


I haven't even heard of this place.
Thank you for telling us and sharing wonderful picturesque landscapes, @always1success