Night nature

in photography •  last year

After sunset in the night forest awakens a new life. Nature becomes quiet. Sometimes you can hear the rustling of trees and the sounds of animals. I spent the night in a tent near the river Berezina in Belarus. We were warmed by the fire and had fun. Everyone admired nature and we looked at the stars in the sky.

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What a gorgeous place! I can hope to go to a similar one someday :)


I agree. In summer it is excellent to relax in the woods near the water

It's seems to be there some nice vibe, greetings from Belgium

Mindblowing shots again @always1success! Belarus is so beautiful indeed!

i always like that kind of nature


Excellent work. I am so impressed a specially the first one and the last one ;)) Have a good one my friend ;))))

I would also love to explore camping in the wilderness.. under the stars, next to a the bonfire! 😊

Beautiful images, thanks for sharing them. Resteeming now to share the fabulousness. And your Milky Way looks just like mine ...

I really like that second shot. It looks like a great time out there!

The last picture impressed me so much,. so quiet, I believe, nature has its own sound.

Wow..amazing... great post

Now that's a quality post! Great photos with a little blurb to set the tone. Looks cozy!

Nice shot.

What a breathtaking, aww inspiring, place. Just looking at those stars making you want to question "are we really alone in this big universe?" The mysteries of space, will we ever have the answers?

These are so beauitful! I'm glad you shared them! 😍

Dear always1success hope u enjoyed a lot near river and forest. Nice photos. had any moment of fear?

Beautiful! This looks like a great place to go!:) Please check my little journey that I made soon. I hope you enjoy my photos. @nakedchef89

ohhh! Awesome! Night photos everything great photos!

What settings did you use to capture the trees and the night sky with all of the stars? Last time I tried this, everything came out blurry. I have a Canon Rebel T6 and tried playing around with the settings without much luck. I believe the Tv mode is supposed to be used. Please let me know!

Beautiful !


Wow..its perfect shot...great view..up & rs

Impresionante esta fotografía, @always1success

Gracias por compartir. Toma mi upvote.

excellent photography...wish to have this place

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Today resteem ;))))

Amzing Pictures, very magical in colour.

Wooow I love these! I hope to learn to capture night images as beautiful as these one day :)

Beautiful photos, first one is amazing!