Cappadocia is the name of the area in the east of Asia Minor in Turkey. Cappadocia has a landscape of volcanic origin with underground cities and monasteries. The Goreme National Park and the cave settlements of Cappadocia are of great historical value for the world. They are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can admire Cappadocia from the balloons. A large panorama of the area will amaze you with its beauty. My friend sent me these wonderful photos. I am happy to share with you the history of Turkey.


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I really like this post always1success!

hermoso lugar, increibles gustaria poder visitar el lugar

woww, this is beautiful.

Nice place I want go to that place

I like turki with a lot of history, and I am Endorgen he is a figure of a very firm leader. thank you @always1success

Superb landscape photos @always1success I've never heard of Cappacodia before and I can see why it would be a very appealing place to visit.

Thank you for rating!

My pleasure 🌺

Lovely place. Being added to UNESCO World Heritage List means the place is value to it people and the world. Beautiful photos, i will like to be there someday

Beautiful Pictures, the last one, with the balloons..! Is Just Amazing..!♥

a very good sight must be many people who like.

beautiful scenery

great landscape

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Absolutely amazing place. Only saw it from pictures for now but I am hoping that will change soon.

Your shots are just so nicee. This is so convincing how the place must be love. Nicee! 👍

Wow you got the beauty side of turkey in your amazing lenses

Soooooo beautiful place.. Wish i ll see it one day.. Every shot is just awsome.. Love all the shots.. Lighted balloon is stunning

Amazing view. What is that thing hanging from the tree?

Wow.. amazing photography.. i appropriate your art thanks for sharing natural and wonderful travel....

Extremely beautiful and fantastic photo of the area! Esp. the first and the last photos are awesome!! I'll list the area on my must-go list. Thanks!

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It's really a nice tourist attraction.... I won't mind going there for vacation.

ooh that beautiful photos, I would like to visit it some day

@always1success Beautiful pictures @Indian-mom.

Stunning shots 👍

If there is anything close to perfect. This is it! It's absolutely breathtaking. Cant wait to see more pictures.

It looks like an Age of Empires landscape! ohhh! Amazing xD and are all of those balloons always there?

I always wished to visit Cappadocia! It's such an amazing place! did you experience the hot air balloon? cheers @always1success

Nice photos! I would love to ride in one of those balloons and enjoy the magnificent view of the place!

wow your pic is amazing.
that hot ballon ride is one of my bucket list thing.

fabilious photography and yeah its my first time i am in your blog and you got a new follower! @always1success

Tell your friend that he took great photos.
Beautiful landscapes.

Nice to meet you,
Thanks for your nice photo^^

nice photo ^^
follow you

Great Photos!
The terrain there is crazy but the balloons look awesome against it. Steem on :)

Thank you!

Beautiful work!

Wowww incredible landscapes my friend, did not know the beauty of this place, thanks for sharing.

Thank you for rating!

Amazing pictures!!! :)

Muy bien hermosas imagenes, saludos

Nice pictures. Will keep follow and upvote

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