Photos Of The Day-DAM!

in photography •  10 months ago

Some of my family members and I went to this beautiful dam! It was a hot day though, but going near the dam kind of cooled you off because of the water misting. Its also has a park too, so when we were there, there were lots of kids playing on it including my nephew. There were people barbecuing too, it smelled so good! Sadly they didn't share, lol!

It was a really good day!

DSC_0175 (2).JPG

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Visiting and amazing places like that is always my pleasure too, especially with my family. The place looks amazing and very constructive. By the way, why didn't they share the barbecue with you. Hahahaha!!




What a hoot: I was there today, too! And it sure is impressive!


Oh very cool!

Wow that looks like some powerful water flowing....I'll bet it was noisy as well.


Oh It was! Its amazing!