📷Shrine of Valor - My Random Photography - Bataan, Philippines📷

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Revisiting this place at the summit of Mt. Samal in Bataan reminds us of the act of valor our WWII heroes did during the war fighting the Japanese imperial army. Hopefully, there will be no more shrine like this to be ever erected.


In monochrome.


Shot using a Lumix ZS110/ZS100. F3.1 1/800 ISO125.

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Simple and beautiful, sometimes a small thing can make your day and this simple picture is that thing for me today. :)

As sad as of a place it is, they made it gorgeous. And you captured it beautifully to help represent its value. Thanks for the post!! I hope to visit some day!

Thanks for stopping by :)

So nice i like it


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Very nice photography post....
Thanks for sharing...
I appteciate post...
I love photography

Very nice