A well-known painting

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Hello, how are you spending the weekend?

Today I want to show you a painting that I saw in a 4 stars hotel from Romania. I think it is no one who doesn’t recognize the painting.

Is the most known painting in the world, but obviosly it isn’t the original.

The faimous painting of Da Vinci had been painted berween 1503 and 1514 and today it is admired by tourists in Louvre Museum.


Do you have a favorite painting?

Have a nice weekend, much love! ❤️


Awesome , world wide well known painting

You are right, it worthes a fortune.

Da Vinci painting is a distinct and well renown painting of all ages, but I still admire the painting of Mona lisa which is also a special painting @allesia

Indeed, it is very appreciated all over the world. Cheers, my friend! 🤗

I forgot to tell you, since my daughter Kathe already has her steemit account, you can watch her presentation video. :)


I'm very happy to hear this, I can not wait to see her posts. I wish her success! 🤗

yeah, I'm also excited, that account was gif by a very nice mister, who advises me a lot in steemit. My daughter was very happy.

Hello Friend how are you? I must confess that my grandmother has had this painting since I was a child, and I was afraid because I felt that she was following me with her eyes ... but that is one of the effects that makes her famous.

You made me smile with your short story. ❤️
Indeed, her eyes are unique.

And how are you, my friend? I miss your delicious publications hahaha.

@flamingirl publishes some recipes, which look so good !!! I want to make them all, hahaha especially those of chocolate sweets, and the good thing is that they are healthy!

I'm fine, I want to be more active on steemit, but I can't, I am too busy with my job. I will check her blog, you know I love sweets 😍

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