A special appetizer - fried olives

in #photography5 years ago

Fried olives are an excellent appetizer that you can eat before the main dishes. They're perfect next combined with beer.

I tried them for the first time at a restaurant in Bucharest. They are delicious, worth trying.

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I know them, but personally I don't like the idea. I believe that this method should not be used for vegetable because, in my view, deep fry has a meaning onky when you need a way to conserve some food for long time without access to anything else (for example going for several ways in a remote area). I agree, food should be fun, but why to destroy all the healthy part of it?

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I know what you say, by frying all the nutrients are destroyed. From time to time I make an exception. 😉

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The picture is like small nut cracker that we have in India.....where you have been Frumos??

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I was at a restaurant in Bucharest. 😉

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Wow! These loook really good, I’ve never had this style of olive before but I am a big fan of Kalamata olives.

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I love Kalamata olives too, they are so delicious. 😋

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I thought it was nugget. I really like nuggets.

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