A lovely restaurant in Bucharest

in #photography6 years ago

The chandelier is a true work of art that exudes elegance and refinement.

The chandeliers bring brilliance, romance and a dream atmosphere. It's great to have a romantic dinner in such a restaurant.


The photo was taken at a restaurant in Bucharest.
Have a great day, dear friends! ❤️


What is the name of this place? I might try it once...

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It is called American Ballroom.

Hello dear friend. How are you? The lamps are beautiful, very elegant! The restaurant must be a charm.

Happy Day.

Hello, my dear! I am happy because it is weekend 😊Indeed, it is a fancy restaurant. The food is very tasty. Hugs for you

what a stylish and elegant lamps and bulbs, the lightening is truly beautiful and nice

The atmosphere is great, the music is very pleasant and the food is very tasty 😋

Thank you, cheers 😊

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