Kolyma River

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The Kolyma River, one of the largest rivers in the North of the Far East. It is gold-bearing, as are its tributaries. Looking at this picture, my familiar gold miner immediately drew attention to the sides of the old bank of the river.

Look, as the river used to walk, there surely is gold there.
Yes. Love to eat. More and trace of the all-terrain vehicle, out. Maybe there are old pits.

There was one story on Kolyma. At one of the mines, which worked in the mouth of one of the tributaries of the Kolyma, after overburden, gold-bearing sands scooped up on the Kolyma shoals. About 12 tons of rock. And here at the hydroelectric station they made water discharge. Sand, of course, did not have time to wash or transport. All breed washed away by the river. It is impossible to mine in the river. The work was in vain, everyone got it very hard.

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