Hello everyone! I returned from the expedition!

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Not so long ago I returned from my expedition to the lake of Jack London, which is in the wilderness of Kolyma. I stayed there for 28 days, threw off 10 kg of excess fat, charged with ebullient wild energy, which only in such places you can get, and after not more than a day in the conditions of civilization, was on the island of Misunderstanding, 20 km from Magadan. Perhaps with this I will begin my story, since the trip to Jack was very rich and I have not gone all over yet to compose an explanatory report about this fascinating journey. Of course, at leisure, when we started the generator, I sat down at the computer and some of the footage had already processed and even sewed several panoramas, but this is still not enough. So, the island!

Island got its name as a result of a hydrographic expedition error. In view of the fact that the island is located close to the coast (only 3 km) and visually merges with the mainland, the island was marked on the map as a peninsula, later this error was corrected, and the open geographic object became the Nedorazumeniya Island.

I stayed there for several days and focused on aerial photography, although I also dived under the water with a camera. What is remarkable about this piece of land? Surprisingly beautiful underwater landscapes and an abundance of objects for macro photography. On the rock near the island fell in love to rest the sea lions, so we went to them!

In order not to frighten sea lions, we went away from the rookery, and I landed with the drones on the shore, for the copter to overcome 380 meters to the rock, it's a matter of minutes. Sea lions snarled at an unknown bird, trying to scare her, but the drone did not fly away. The most cowardly pinnipeds jumped off the cliff.

Fearing a collision with cormorants or spray from the waves, I lowered the drone to 5 meters. The waves flowed very beautifully from the rocky ledges. On long exposure it would look very good.

Hovering over the rock of the drone caused panic among cormorants and lions. Now there are only three lions left on the rock. This picture can be called - when a lonely friend went for a walk with a couple in love. Classics of the genre, even among animals!

While waiting for the return of the boat, examined the rocks and found a quartz cavity in the granite monolith, in which on one side the tourmalines were sticking out, and on the other, several crystals broken by storms, in color very similar to amethysts. Tourmaline island! And on the slopes I discovered a rare medicinal plant. All places of its growth are mapped.

After shooting the sea lions, I had to wait two days for the rains to pass. I wanted to photograph the island from a height during sunset. It was necessary to wait for the weather. I did not go back to town with everyone, staying alone on the island. Autumn very adorned the slopes with bright colors and in the daytime in the sun the translucent foliage looked very good. In the end, I shot something that was not inferior in strength to the picture that I wanted to remake. Raising the drone by 500 meters and driving it away for 1.5 kilometers, I took off my paradise in the sea.

Yes, it's hard to believe that this is the Far North, but it's a fact. In these azure waters want to swim! I changed into a wetsuit and swam there day and night. I collected large mussels, a trumpeter, several large snails and even dug three mia (these are such large bivalve mollusks living in the sand, it's very tasty!), Grabbed a crab and caught three flounder with his hands. Dinner turned out! I even fed the mussels to a puppy who was my company on the island.

In the evening there was a sunset, not as impressive as the one I wanted to paraphrase, but still. It would be wrong to say that I was absolutely alone on the island, no. Here the whole season live and work fishermen. Sometime there was a village called Rybachy and a fish factory. Until now, there is one person who has a residence permit on the Nedorazumeniya island. With one of these working seas, I went to a large land - in Magadan.

Alexey Voron.

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