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The modern world has long neglected the importance of mushrooms, and accelerated studies in recent decades are trying to fill the gaps so far. Every day we face new problems: waste that we can no longer control, nuclear catastrophes and many other types of radiation, foods with synthetic additives that cause cancer and much more. But what is cancer, for example? Cancer is the degeneration of our cells as an effect of pollution of the body.






The list of medicinal mushrooms is long, precisely because mushrooms are the most adaptable living things on earth. Adaptability due to their rich biochemical and metabolic arsenal, which allows them to feed on almost any substrate and withstand incredible environmental conditions. Let's not forget that there are mushrooms that actively grow under the snow, or mushrooms on a fuel jet and use it as a food source, mushrooms that devour metal polymers ...
Just because we don't see a mushroom at every step, doesn't mean that we are not constantly surrounded by them. Man himself is a carrier of hundreds of species of mushrooms, the fact that we do not see them does not mean that they do not exist. We have them on our skin, we have them in us, some fight with us, others against us, it is certain that they exist and are much more adaptable than we are.




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