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Every day of shooting in nature is unique, unrepeatable, largely unpredictable… so the need to adapt to reality and use the opportunities of the moment is extraordinarily high. The screenwriter, who is also a photographer, exercises creativity… manages a certain time and energy and especially some hopes.
And in the end, he takes stock of the day: what he was able to do and what he was not able to do.





In any field of the arts… from photography to filming, writing, painting, sculpture and so on… the difference between people is style. There is no recipe for success other than the one you create in the societal and financial context of the moment. If you are trying to outline a certain style of taking photos… the most important thing is to feel love: without giving yourself totally, but absolutely totally to your subjects and making those photos… there is no chance, that is (it doesn't work here either) with half measures. You have to give yourself in a way that you actually live for.




alein nile flowers.png


Incredible photography; yes nature is the best artist of all.

Wow, really stunning photos!
Have you considered taking some photos in/after rain?
I've always thought there was something magical about raindrops on flowers.

What delicacy these flowers. You took it very well and I must say that I agree very much with the considerations you made.

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