Working the scene in street photography

in photography •  19 days ago 

In today's post, I'm showing a few examples of how I work the scene when I see something that draws my eye, like nice light, composition or interesting subject. I've mentioned before how important it is to stay for a little while and explore different possibilities, try new angles or wait for a better moment. The chance to capture the perfect photo will certainly increase the more you get familiar with the scene.

Even some of the most well known documentary photographs that you'd think are captured with one perfectly timed capture are usually chosen among dozens of similar frames. If you check contact sheets from legendary street photographers, you'll see they didn't mind shooting entire rolls of film on a single scene if it may build towards capturing timeless photographs. Below are some of my examples, taken with Fuji X100F.

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Wow I love the way you work on the scene and the time you put into your shots!!

I'm glad you you like it! :)