Street photography journal #4 - It's all about the light

in photography •  2 months ago

Steemians, welcome back to another chapter of my street journal. This last week I've managed to go out few times, usually later in the afternoon, to do some street photography. Golden hour is just my favorite time to do that as it offers the most beautiful and dramatic, natural light. With long shadows, warm, pleasant light and saturated colors it works good in street just like in any other type of photography.

One thing I've started doing, following the advice of the amazing Kevin Mullins is to shoot with a black and white film simulation active even when shooting raw. Raw files will always be in color but having a black and white filter on in the viewfinder or LCD screen makes it really easy to spot a good light by stripping down all color distractions.

Hope you like the photos.

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Those are absolutely so wonderful captures, so full of life. Loved them, all. Great share.


Thanks very much!

prva i poslednja su mi najgotivnije :)


Interesantan izbor. :) Poslednja je verovatno i moj favorit.

Oh, great, The Belgrad street photography magazine is here again with a stunning edition 🙃


Haha I'm happy you are subscribed to it. 😃

Another awesome selection, I always get excited to look at your posts! Definitely all about light!


Thanks again, Verity! :)

All these pics are just wow. Nice photography. Natural clicks ..

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Thank you!

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Awesome photos.
I love this

That's some great work @alcibiades !

I started an People Photography contest yesterday, maybe u have a look! I think you would like it :))