Street photography journal #1

in photography •  9 months ago

Welcome back to more street photography from Belgrade. :) I'm starting a new series here so that all my street photography posts are easily found and sortable. I have a lot of material gathered over the previous weeks so except this series to grow in the near future.

For these shots I went for a cinematic, grungy look. That's why the aspect ratio is wider and I also applied small color correction, basically desaturating yellows and greens to give it a colder look. Changes are very slight though so that authentic vibe from a street moment is still there.

Each image has a link to its full resolution, feel free to visit the ones you like. You can also zoom in the page to get a better view of the photos.

To be continued...

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I really love the aspect ratio, they all look like scenes out of films!


Thank you! That was my intention. Even while I was walking the streets I knew I wanted to make the scenes look film-like and it made the process much easier. :) Glad you enjoyed the photos!

Nice selection. That first image would look amazing in high contrast black and white so the lad is a full silhouette against the waterfall.


I actually brought it back from high contrast black and white to match the other photos which are in color. You are right though, it's obviously better in b&w so I changed it. :) Glad you enjoyed the photos!


That looks awesome!

Heh, evo baš se spremam u Beograd u kolovozu, pa mi ova serija može biti kao vodič ;)

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@alcibiades great pictures clicked. Just reflects standard of photographer.

I like the second the most (the dancing chefs)
I love the energy that captures and the emotion of the place. Very nice work.