Street Photography on the Rainy Days (Video) - Belgrade 2018

in photography •  6 months ago

Click the image above for video

These last few weeks the weather was very unusual here in Belgrade as we haven't used to see so many cloudy, rainy days in the summer. Those of you who are following me for a while know that I absolutely love shooting in the rain. So I was out a lot and had fun capturing the rainy streets while trying to stay as dry as possible.

I tried something different this time by making a short video with the captured moments. Enjoy and let me know what you think. :)

Music is Sakura Leaves by Blurry Lights

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I liked the video compilation very much @alcibiades, you chose great photos to put together. My favorite is the one with the man holding an umbrella and his bicycle. It was hard to decide between that one and the photo of the lady with the red earphones in front of the red bus. Well, as usual, they are all stunning captures. It is always tricky to pick one! 😊


Thank you Abigail! That's an interesting choice, you always surprise me with yours. :) I thought that girl with the red headphones may be an interesting shot against the red bus and also the stripes on her sweater somewhat matched the one in the window.
It's interesting finding those small details when out on the streets. :D

I had to peek in.....and loved your video series of photos - esp the one with the purple umbrella and reflection....perfection (at 2:31). All are wonderful of course but that one is my favorite. I also enjoyed the accompanying music - it made me think of raindrops. Nice choice!


Perfect choice! Love that one as well with the reflection and everything. Glad you enjoyed the music. :) I might continue making these videos, easier to see photos, although quality is not that great when uploaded.

Video je fantastičan, mnogo ljubavi i topline i u ovim kišnim danima! Kao i uvek, sjajne, jedinstvene fotografije. Neverovatan osmeh i sličnost mame i devojčica. :) I adekvatna muzika, tako da je ugođaj kompletan. Divan post.


Hvala, Zorice! Divno je bilo šetati ulicama Beograda prethodnih par nedelja, kiša nije uspela da unese neraspoloženje među ljude. Baš naprotiv. Drago mi je da vam se svideo post! :)

Omg! Your pictures looks like perfectly and professionally captured... Are you photographer??? I personally like the picture of the lady with three children and the one who pregnant... Great work :)


I'm just a hobbyist photographer and have a lot to learn. But I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! :) The two you mentioned are some of my favorites as well!


I don't think you are just hobbyist, Your work looks like a professional.... Btw it's a pleasure for me to enjoy your images :)

Amazing photography! You had discribed nature much beautifully in these photos. Keep it up.

Love the street shots man! Especially the 2nd one. That's some great layering!


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed that one. :)

These are gorgeous images!!!
I especially love the opening image in the video, and the image of the man with his face in his hands. You're really capturing emotion.


Great choice! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos!


Of course! I'd love to know what you think about my work, too. I'm new here and so far I have posted two stories with my original photos.