Budapest street photography - Day 1

in photography •  last month  (edited)

It's been a while, Steemians! I hope you are doing great and have to apologize for my absence this last month. I was in a creative rut followed by the lack of motivation so I didn't really feel like posting. I needed a change, so here I am, in Budapest on the 6th day of my trip and have couple more to go. Different environment helped me out a lot, so in the next seven days I'll show you some of the photos I took on this trip. Here are a few from the first day.

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Great photos @alcibiades and you showed me Budapest from an interesting side, it's amazing!


Thanks, @serkagan!

Hey, your posts are amazing! I really like, especially photos from your travels or on road. You just get + 1 follower! Keep doing it good! ;)