My Journey By Boat

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Travel is always a delight. But the journey does not just give happiness, but it is known through all the details about the world around the world. Humans also enjoy joy and knowledge.

A person who does not like to travel to any other person in the world. In that case, it is particularly enjoyable for many trips. Boat Tours Because, by boat, people can easily come closer to nature.


It can be traveled on the landways, waterways and airspace. Our country is a riverine country. There are numerous rivers, canal-bills, spread like a net in the country's vast soil. People of this country used to travel more than once in the river. But due to the improvement of the communication system, the current waterways are not used much, but in different parts of the rural areas, the boat has to travel. One such tour was my chance.

After the end of the annual exam, my school closed. I was planning to visit friends somewhere. But I could not agree on any plan. Suddenly one said that the boat trip. As we all grew up in the city, there was no chance to travel to the boat, so we all agreed to go on a boat one by one. Day-date is set. On Friday, we will go on boat trips to the Gawati river.

A medium sized boat was rented on the day before the journey. Two men were taken in the boat. Auctions camera, tapewranker, water and some dry food biscuits, chanachur, chips, banana etc. along the route. Chawa is taken in a big flax. The journey started: at 8:00 in the morning, we reached at Dwinni Bazar. But during the winter the surrounding area was covered with fog. Everyone decided that we would start the journey only if the fog would be cut short. The fog cut and rose to 10 am in the morning to rise. After sunrise, we got up in the boat with the necessary things. As well as picking anchor anchor, Boat left We shouted with joy. Journey path: Some time after leaving the boat, moderate song "I was not able to sit in front of your boat." Even after getting up in the boat, though we were a little afraid, we were completely frightened by the sound of such pleasant songs in the middle of the boat. The rhythm of the seams and the water, as well as the singing songs, gave us an unprecedented dawn. We were delighted by the boat's bohemian listening to music. In the meantime, when the boat hit the middle of the boat, we could not find it. Then there is another mediocre tune. Both of them have occasionally heard the song of Bhat: "You listen to me and talk to Negum in Lageyar, in the middle of the street and in the middle of the night." Many more boats were running in the river. Some passenger, no one is freight again. Small and medium sized boats Asked by the middleman, according to the size-shape, there are different names for these boats. Dingi, Sampan, Pansi, How many names of peacock are more Some boats go back to the engine. Naturally, when I came to mediate, I felt as if the Creator had made us this country. We looked at the scene of river two in the gloomy eyes. Crop fields, open fields, sometimes two or more rooms in the river. Our boats were never moderate, and they continued to shoot arrows. Suddenly I saw a flock of white balls flying. In the green nature of the two sides, the white barks make the surroundings more beautiful. Fisheries from some boats. The silk of the fish trapped in the net is shining in sunshine. Somewhere, the boys and girls are swimming and swimming in the river. Gañon's bridegroom came to take water from the river banks. When the boats are in the middle of the day, far away trees and houses, it seems that the artist's hand painted painting. All the quiet, Silent There is no other word except the sound of water fluttering. We also forgot the conversation. It seems like a beautiful view of this nature will be lost when you talk. In the meantime we shot some scenes in the camera. Gayatri Hat: We did not see when we saw that mid-afternoon had passed. When the middleman came in a halt and boarded the boat, we felt in our time. The village is sitting beside the boat that was tied to it. We all were small but in the rubbish walk around in the Mahananda. Everything is available in small hats. Pottery, toys, dolls, such as rice, pulses, twigs, fish, meat and meat are also there. On one side, I saw a small shop, Zilpi Bhojai Moira. There are more color glass bracelets, Altar Shop After a long time we got tired and we got back to the boat. Lunch in the boat: After returning, I saw a rice cooked on a sandwich made in a small boat. And the other fish shriveled. I sat down to eat and we all hung stomach hunger. Sitting hot boats and rivers in the boat seemed like a nectar to eat fresh fish. After eating a meal in Cheetuup, they are all mixed up under the boat crew, When the sun came down a little later I started the journey. It's time to return home. The river sunset ate a little late in the afternoon and it was very late. In the winter, the cold breeze of the river looked a little cold. But still we went ahead to enjoy the wonderful view of the peaceful river of afternoon. As soon as the evening approached, the birds started churning the silence of the river. The sun was too tired and tired after the end of the day and gradually began to fall in the west. Slowly the western sky became red in the sunshine. After a while, the sunny mama drowned in the river's water.

We all enjoyed a wonderful view of the sunset while sitting in the boat. This is the first time in my life that I saw the sun set in the river, Which will be forever in my memory forever.

That day was the full moon night. Shortly after sunset, the moon mama peaked. After the evening became dark, the moon appeared with its beautiful flame. It is not understood if the sight of the glittering sunlight on the river is not so intriguing. We were surprised by the surprise of this unprecedented experience. The scenery of trees and houses in Józnáñalou on the other side of the river seemed unthinkable. After the evening the boat was moving in the river. Most of these are fishing boats. At the fishermen's boats, the aloogulo felt in the team of kupir that they were fluttering. The river has become quiet and quiet once the bird's cave stopped. In the silence of the surroundings, the blazing noise of the water created a strange tune. Reaching the destination and journeying towards the house: Dancing with the stream, when the boat came down to our boat There was no notice. We have got the sense of calling the middlemen.

We came again to the Devi Gate and then from there to the one whose house we headed. But all of us fell in the middle river. To reach home, the night went around 10 pm.





Tour experiences are always fun. In the riverine boat boat tourism is not a bit different in Bangladesh, but this journey has always been immense in our hearts.

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