Water Harvesting Structure

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Jharkhand has water scarcity in most season, so this structure is constructed to save water. By contribution of villagers and their labour to construct this structure is called "sharmdaan" in local language. The construction of this structure generally begins by the end of December and is ensured to be completed before monsoon. It's size varies as per the catchment area. The size of this structure may be 30ft to 100ft in length and 30ft to 100ft in width and its depth is kept 10ft. The water helps in ground water recharge, irrigation and fish farming providing a source of livelihood to poor farmers.

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Doesn the soil like absorb the water

if you dig deep enough the soil is saturated and can't absorb any more water.

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This is a really cool way to save water! I wonder if there’s a smaller version of this that smaller areas can use. Thanks for sharing , didn’t know about this!

Thats awesome! very smart idea! Thanks for sharing

Great work! I'm always glad to see post like this. Amazing job keep it up!

Cool and useful

Awesome, so it catches rain water? I love low-tech solutions like this. Have you heard of using plastic water bottles to cool your home?

How does that work want to know

Water is priceless. Many of us have taken the resource for granted for so long. It's nice to see a post like yours showing people taking water seriously as it should be. I wish I would have seen your post about 4 months ago so that I could have upvoted it.

Nice practical been carried out ... That awesome ,@aksdwi at least one or more than a person would learn from this