Beautiful Yellow Dahlia !

in #photography4 years ago

Dahlia is one of the beautiful flower and it has multiple species and multiple colors. We can find different size of dahlia plant varying from few centimeter to meters. I heard this this flower is the national flower of Mexico. I found this awesome yellow one in a cafe near my office.  here are the few shots of this flower !

Blossomed one !

Beautiful green buds !

Thank you so much !

Namaste !


Good photography with dahlia flower.

Glad you like it dear !

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Many thanks for your support !

That's nice :)

Glad you like it !

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Ah, dahlias! I am impatiently waiting for my own dahlias to flower. They are having a rough time this year and look pretty chewed up.

Happy to know you are waiting for Dahlia ! Hope to see photos soon !!

Pretty shots... Namaste! :)

Thank you so much ! Namaste !!

Such wonderful pics!! How have you been my friend?

Thanks my friend ! I was busy with some personal priorities so was not able to post.

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