Beautiful Orchid on a bucket !

in #photography5 years ago

Orchid are the beautiful flower and most types of them are epiphytes means only grow on air and dont need soil. I found this awesome flower orchid on a small bucket in a cafe near my office today. Here are few mobile shots of this flower !

Thank you so much !

Namaste !


thanks for such happy memory you have in me, a woman in my life was a great orchid growers before. Lovely post.. reminding me today that love she gaves me.

Thank you so much dear friend ! Glad you like my work !

Wow its really beautiful :x

Orchid is always beautiful... and your photographic presentation is excellent...

Many thanks dear @prova !

Wow.... Beautiful flower....

Glad you like it my friend !

@akkha indeed they are pleasing to the eye i especially like the bucket

Thank you so much my friend !

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