Good afternoon @ajaycapital, I greet you from Venezuela, thank you for your support in my post, I invite you to optimize your investment by voting for the posts of the Community Latin . In our Community we only accept 100% original and exclusive content for Steem, in Spanish and Portuguese, we do not accept images or texts copied from the internet or any other platform.
The norms can be read at the following link: Latin Community Norms .
Count on us to make your Steem Blockchain experience a success.

I have checked your profile and I think you are misusing your rental steempower, you should join a community and follow a curation path as I do the gains in curation are better.

You can see my voting pattern I have using my 98% voting power for Curation and just using one vote for myself and you think it's misuse. One selfvote per dag is not abuse.

You misunderstood my message. That's not what I meant.
One is free to do with our vote what he wants.
What I mean is, you'd have more curation rewards if you joined a community.

Oh, can explain how it works for me

If you want you can contact me at DISCORD joelgonz1982#3132 Here I will tell you how you can benefit from joining a community.

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