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RE: Expectations and Perspective — Best Considered Standing in a Waterfall in Iceland

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Perspective is a topic which I have been kind of obsessed with since a while, when it comes to that on any situation I try to have not one but many as possible in order to make a good analisys, and of course I try to do all this as objective as I can, to not lose what is real, you know? I like to say that I use a prisma in order to see all the posibilities, and you reminded me of that with the phrase: "prismatic mist" :)

Sometimes it gets confusing. I have this thing that I feel how a situation is going to end by taking into account some clues or details, those little things that can tell you a lot on something, and these situations usually (not always) end like I thought they would; I think it's some kind of intuition, so it happens to me that I tend to cheat on myself when I deep inside know that things are going to have a bad ending, it's like I don't want to accept that I cannot control some things and I think I will be able to change them, so I get fustrated and end up suffering. My expectations were high even when I knew, thanks to my perspective, that it wasn't going to end well. So I think my perspective informed my expectations but I didn't paid attention to it, maybe? However, I know there are times in which I'm just conditioning myself regarding a situation or person, my expectations informing my perspective, could be? For me it's pretty confusing and weird, that's why I'm telling you in this unsure way.

Now, I have never considered the relationship between perspective and expectation like you did here, but I think it's pretty useful, you reminded me that it's important to have expectations on yourself before than anyone else, but I try not to have expectations on everything else since there's something I find positive on it, when you don't have expectations and get to see the outcome of something you don't get mad or sad that it wasn't as you thought it to be, and if the outcome was good you just get happily surprised, the stoics way heheh

I like that you show your beautiful pictures with rambling philosophical tracts hahah for me that's goal! Please keep on doing it, it's great and useful, I'm sure you can make someone feel better with this post as you did with me, since I'm not having a good time lately and this really touched me. I'm glad that there are still people who write and speak this way, you know, philosophical; plus your beautiful iceland pics!!!! I hope to get there someday, great shots indeed!

(Sorry that I almost made I post in here jesus :'v)