Hot Soup Can Help You To Remain Warm During flu Season

in photography •  2 years ago 

Hi to my All friend.Today i share my post about Hot not only tastes delicious but also keep us warm in is best diet for patient as it provides instant energy.but the ingredients of soup must be well balanced because some time it can become sour due to additional vinegar or soya sauce.I like to pour additional chili sauce to make it more delicious but it is not good habit.

best soup.png

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Nice but i wont recommend to use chilli sauce when your sick !

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The soup is perfect for the cool weather let alone coupled with the absolutely perfect flavored chili sauce thank you for sharing @ahtasham12

Thx ahtasham for the tips.
This looks a lot delicious
May Allah bless u


looking very tasty!

Hello @ahtasham12,

You're right on - adding a little chili keeps you even warmer!

Add ginger, garlic and a little dash of turmeric to make it even better against the flu ... and you're sure to have a winner!

Our family makes chicken broth soup with all of the above and we laughingly call it our winter penicillin!

Looks yummy

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