Cloud & Sky Appreciation :)

in photography •  last year

I have a fascination with clouds and it's not a recent thing... When I was a kid I used to always think the sun and moon were following me and also the clouds at times was trying to send me various messages by being in different shapes. Now that I am older I no longer think the sun and moon are following me because I understand what is going on but nonetheless​ it's cute what I thought. Sometimes I take random pictures of the sky and clouds especially if I find them neat. I decided to make a post showing a few cloud shots. I have more but these are the ones in the last year and what I like the best.

I wonder who else out there does this same thing​?

I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures! I enjoyed taking them and also sharing them here on steemit! :)

#florida #blue #sky #cloudy #landscape #daytime #beautiful

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thx for sharing


Thanks for commenting @salvis! :)

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