A short simple introduction.

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Hi, my name is Ali and my nick name to some is ahley. I live in Florida and I'm a mum of 3 wonderful children and 5 cats. I hope to introduce myself via posts and I've decided to start with one of my favorite hobbies which happens to be

(A picture I took of myself with my Canon Rebel XSi dSLR camera.)

A friend of mine suggested that I come check this site out to see if I liked it enough to share some of my work with the many wonderful people here. I've decided to give it a go and see how I like it.

(A picture taken of me in action doing what I love taking photographs of flowers in Asheville, North Carolina by my oldest son.)

Last but not least I would really like to attempt to share my life and adventures via photography. I love to photograph everything I come in contact with. I hope my photographs shows the world as I see them thru my camera lens.

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Hello Ali, welcome to Steem! :-)

Thanks so much @gtg!

Hi there Ali, looking forward to seeing more of your photo's here on steemit!

Welcome to Steemit. Stephen

Hi @stephenkendal and many thanks!

Hello and welcome to steemit @ahley!

Hi @the-future and thanks!

Your welcome!

Bienvenida y esperamos disfrutar de tu trabajo fotográfico.

Welcome, we hope to enjoy with your photos.

Gracias y espero publicar muchas más fotos! @karinaflores

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Welcome to Steemit Ali! We are glad you decided to join. There is a great community here for photography. I look forward to seeing your posts. Enjoy!

@lydon.sipe I really appreciate all the kind welcomes! I can't wait to have more posts!

The folks here are encouraging every step of the journey. Great to hear!

welcome to steemit.


Hi and thanks @bugavi!

Welcome to Steemit! :))

Many thanks @pilgrimtraveler!


Hey @ahley! Good to see you on Steemit, I look forward to seeing your work!

hello @ahley

Welcome to Steemit, nice of you to grace us with your presence. Looking forward to more amazing photos.

Welcome to Steemit Ali!

Thank you @herverisson!

Welcome to steemit

Thanks! (:

you are welcome

Hey there ahley, welcome to steemit. I'm also a photographer and have had a very positive experience on here. Best of luck to you on here! Also I upvoted this and I followed you too.

Thanks apolymask! I've followed you in return and I'll take a look at your posts in the morning. It's nice to meet another photographer! Do you use any other sites like deviantart or Flickr?

You're welcome. Thanks for the follow back! And for taking a look at my art when you get a chance. Indeed it is, there's some other really good photographers on here and they do fun challenges from time to time as well!

Umm.. I use Facebook and YouTube and Instagram.. I think that's all.. Though if you wanted to look at my photography the Facebook page would prob be the best.. It's at www.facebook.com/irvinesimages

Welcome and I hope you end up liking things here on Steemit. If you have any questions, Just ask :)

Thanks @bitcoinparadise! I will be sure to ask questions as they come up! :)

Great! in the meantime, you can check out https://www.steemithelp.net/ for more tips and joins in @steemspeak voice chat or text on Discord or join https://steemit.chat do get your questions answered.

Steem on :)

welcome on Steemit, @ahley ! This is a nice place to share your photos ^_^

Thanks for the welcome @silviabenefori! I intend on sharing many photos! :)

Welcome, Ali!

Hi and thank you! (:

Great intro post. You'll do great here

@gringalicious thanks! It's not always the easiest to figure out what to say about myself but I decided to just go with it! :)


Hi and thanks @rossenpavlov!

welcome Alii

welcome to the family Ali!

Thanks @mampeli! <3

Thanks for the information @ahley
very help me
follow me @hattaarshavin