White Zinnia Flower.

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Dear Steemians...
Zinnia flower is one of the flower plants that has a high-rise name because it is widely known by people in the world.


Zinnia flower plant is a type of seasonal plant that has very beautiful flowers and also has various types of tempting colors.

The beauty of the shape and color of zinnia flowers make this flower known by many people, so many people take zinnia seeds and plant them in the yard as a flower decoration in the front yard of the house.


I captured this white zinnia flower in the front yard of my neighbor's house, I took it using a smartphone camera. 😂

Thanks @afril

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I hear it first time that zinnia is a name of flower.


Ha Ha ... yes that's the name, in my area this flower is usually called a Dahlia flower.

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@afril we would appreciate a greeting in our next curation report that will contain a link to your post


Thank you very much @templo you are very kind. 🙏

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