The penguin army - by @wolmarans

in photography •  10 months ago

In East London I was reminded of the movie happy feet as I went to the aquarium and saw these penguins lined up and ready to take on their food as it was on its way. It was a really great experience to see that these rescue penguins were kept in such good condition. The children were able to feed them and touch them, and the parents would just laugh as the penguins shake the water off of their bodies and wet the children. This was truly a great time to spend with family and friends.

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Great experience .. good for you
Thanks for the pictures .. well done


I never seen a penguin up close, they are somewhat cute animals and are funny to watch them walk...hope to see them funny friendly creatures one day

They are so good!


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please help like like or my steam voute i need friends friends

Que belleza me gusta mucho tu post los pinguinos son hermosos, unas de las creaciones de dios al mundo, debemos cuidarlos.

Cuties! :)

What more could you see in this aquarium? I was once in London, unfortunately we didn't have time to go there.


See answer to hashcash, thank you for the comment.

amazing. just resteemed your post.

My daughter loves watching the movie happy feet and she just said these penguins are adorable after seeing your photos while I type this comment. Nice captures especially the first one! Congratulations and more power!

That way the children can also learn about the life of penguin only in the aquarium, without having to go far, even abroad. Thanks @africaunited

wow so much beautiful,

thanks for sharing

Thats something called team work. And we human can learn a lot from these flightless birds. Thank-you for sharing the uncommon activity like this.


From another point of view?, how many birds can fly underwater?


Hehe,in my opinion none.

Wow amazing post its so nice

So cute....welcome to join #dailypetphotography


Follo and vote me @fikrijoe

Can you say where in London?
I would becoming to London probably before July - maybe will take me family there.
Thanks for he share man!


This is East -London a City on the East Coast of South Africa, so any Directions you are given in London UK will get you seriously lost! Thanks for your Question and for reading!


Well shit! Now that was a serious case of mistaken addresses. Thanks for clearing it up. Cheers!

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We live in East London when I was a little girl. A regular Saturday thing with my Dad, when my Mum worked, was to go to the acquarium. I have three abiding memories of those visits: the shark tank and watching the sharks circling above my head, the seahorses and then sitting and watching the penguins' antics. Although I've been back to EL numerous times, I've not been back there, so thanks for the happy memories. :)

These are the happy feet cast xD;