What hobbies do you have? A Kiss X3 Canon with a 18-55 kit lens has been one of my best toys for past 8 years.

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I spent almost every hours of past five days thinking about what new post I can publish. Today, I realized that I've posted, also thought about, any idea I could write about, but haven't considered photography yet! It's been nearly 8 years that I own my only DSLR (Canon Kiss X3 series 500D with a 18-55 kit lens).

When I first met my wife, about 10 years ago, I bought a used SLR Mamiya ZE-2, that you see below and started experiencing photography with SLR and learned how a camera works in general.

My SLR Mamiya ZE-2

I destroyed more that 30 negatives to learn how to get the best shot. But since printing was costly and time consuming, I decided to buy a DSLR. The cheapest model I could found back then was a Canon D500 Kiss X3 that you're seeing some of its shots down below. I decided to add a caption or description like, to give them each a bit of history.

She enjoys being photographed a lot but not with her identity revealed

He is a professional athlete, is 2.05 meters tall and at that time had quit smoking for 2 years; I was seducing him back XD, plus he doesn't want his identity revealed too XD

Couldn't decide between the next two, so decided to post both

Enough with B&W

My wife, Sep...

I've shot more than 60 thousand shots with this camera and never had the chance of haveing a better lens than its kit 18-55. Most of my experiences are outdoor and landscape because the maximum aperture this lens can provide is f/3.5 which is quite low for indoor photography, unless you have lighting skills and can afford buying the equipment.

Unfortunately neither of two options above work for me. But if you're enough into something, you'll find a way enjoying it. To do so, I set up a small homemade lighting tent and been playing with it and will reveal it in near future posts.

So dear fellow Steemians, if you enjoyed the post and photos, please upvote it, follow me and stay tuned for further posts.

Love you all.