Guns don't kill people but people do! A pistol from a body.

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Hey fellas. I hate talking cliche, but decided to post this because of two reasons. 1st I'm a firearm enthusiast, 2nd, writing about firearms is the only blogging experience I have, honestly :D! Joking... It's only one reason. I'm really into
reading about firearms, watching videos or so. I'm a bit familiar with the context, in amateur scales off course. But very much against using it to take sweet life out of any creature. I really love it as a sport, though not doing it because it's quite expensive here and not easy, almost impossible to legally have one, even for sport shooting.

I had an Instagram account that I posted individual firearm info on. I deleted it because it's not wise to post weapon systems info, on an Instagram page, in a country where all types of guns are illegal and has been long suspicious for terrorist activities.

Although my posts still appear if you google "aslahekhoone" - in Farsi means "armory" and was that account's name - I left the whole thing to start over again if I could actually start a shooting carrier.

Face of a Remington 1911A1 pistol I shot days ago. The gun was at least 80 years old and had picked off a dead body back in 1944 during the WWII.

unfortunately, there have been some guys, who have the same enthusiasm but have drown many families or individuals, deep into sadness, that if anyone dig into the reasons behind them why, will find nothing, but bullshit!

I'm not eligible to talk or give ideas about measures such as gun control, but as a solution doesn't really sound logical.

Thanks for reading.

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Love you all...


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