Tipsoo Lake

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Tipsoo Lake Washington
Tipsoo Lake in June

Tipsoo Lake

Tipsoo Lake is not a particularly large lake. In fact, to me, it's more like a pond. It's tiny and it doesn't even form into a big enough body of water to be called a lake until very late into the summer. As you can see from the summer shot above, I took one photo in mid-June and the one below in late October. No matter the season, a random visit to Tipsoo Lake is always spectacular. I find myself driving the 2-hour drive after work during the long days of summer just so I can catch a magnificent sunset.

Tipsoo Lake Washington
Tipsoo Lake in October

What makes Tipsoo Lake lake popular is the backdrop that it has relative to Mount Rainier. When the snow melts it provides that perfect quintessential postcard photo from Rainier National Park. It is also very accessible by car via the Chinook Pass and does not require an exhausting hike to get to. As such, Tipsoo Lake is one of the most photographed landscapes in the United States of America.


Photographers could easily spend hours waiting for the perfect shot of Mt. Rainier as it reflects on the lake. The Naches Peak Loop nearby offers amazing flowers, mountain tarns and epic views of Mt. Rainier. During season its wildflowers also rival those found at the Paradise meadows, and once the snow melts, provide spectacular landscapes. The Chinook Pass is also one of the best areas in the state of Washington for viewing autumn colors.


Tipsoo Lake sits at an elevation of 5,298 feet above sea level in the Northern Cascade Range just under the summit of Chinook Pass. It's about 86 miles from Seattle in Pierce County, Washington.


The Chinook Pass to Tipsoo Lake is accessible during the summer months and usually closed during winter.


If you're up for it, hiking the short loop trail around the lake is a great way to take in the views. If you're up for a little bit more of a challenge and awesome views, you can do a moderate trek up to Dewey Lake or Sheep Lake as both straddle a portion of the famed Pacific Crest Trail.
Category Landscape
Exposure Manual exposure, Multiple, ISO 100
Camera Sony A7II
Lens Sony FE 24-240mm
Filter Polarizer
Location Rainier National Park, Washington


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Looks nice and cold, I actually really hate being cold, but we have been having a particularly hot summer here in Houston Texas, so a quick dip in a cold lake might be nice.


@bscrypto Which month will be better for going at Tipsoo Lake???


Beautiful, well done on the pictures ..
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing, we waiting for your works..good luck..

I want to go to there!

its beautiful

Beautiful, always love lakes with mountain back drops

All are looking beautiful

Wow! Beautiful shots 🤗
Thanks @andonisabril for sharing this post.
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Picture postcard is right, especially the second shot in October. Gorgeous!

beautiful photo


Indeed.....!! It is


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Is there any avalanche over there and can we do skiing there?

What a view. There is something mystic in all the snowy landscapes. Thanks for share!

Ooh wow, amazing
Beautiful photo, good job friend

Great post.

@adonisabril thank you so much for the informative post. The views are spectacular and as a person who loves adventure I hope to visit Tipsoo Lake someday in summer when I get the means.
Thank you.

Guao @adonisabril. These photos are extraordinary. This landscape is there posing for beautiful photographs. And even the sky adds up and becomes an accomplice of such beauty. The truth is that the waters look like a clean and perfect mirror. Thanks for sharing.

Nice place... upvote plzz

Extraordinary photos! Amazing scenery! Thanks for sharing!

Lovely landscape photos! I am liking the color rendition from your Sony, I have had friends that weren't pleased with it, I am a Mirrorless user too, but the Fujifilm system.
What did you use for post processing? LF?

Tipsoo Lake, at an elevation of 5,298 feet above sea level, is an alpine lake within the Northern Cascade Range near the summit of Chinook Pass in Pierce County, WashingtonTipsoo-Lake-and-Mt-Rainier.jpg

Wow, amazing photos. Beautiful scenery.

Wow great camera work mate you captured one of the most beautiful tipsoo lake it is looking amazing with your camera work keep going mate.

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I always like. Tipsoo lake is one of the most beautiful lack in the world surrounded with trees and mountains.

Very Nice Place so beautiful

I love the pictures. I wish I could go see the lake someday. It's gorgeous. Thanks for posting the pic.


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by GOD what lush landscapes!!!! simply beautiful!!!!

this lake is very beutifull and very cool place .snowfall is very high and road way is dangrous at snowsalling

awesome! beautiful sight!

It looks indeed like an amazing place to shoot. I love specially the first shoot. The balance between old and warm tones.

So beautiful

I live in Grays Harbor county, WA, and on a clear sunny day, from higher elevation points you can see the mountain and it’s absolutely beautiful! Washington is a great place to live!

This photo is stellar by the way!

its amazing.what is the temperature like in may and june ?


excellent view... I want to visit so amazing place.

really amazing.

lake look so beautifull <3

@adonisabril Tipsoo Lake, at an elevation of 5,298 feet above sea level, is an alpine lake within the Northern Cascade Range near the summit of Chinook Pass in Pierce County, Washington.


You are right because a good photoshot always get some time.
It is a time consuming process but it is more interesting when output is best

We always wanted to do best and effective
But we dont want to give our time

But yo do your effective work
And keep it up.

Nice blog

Thanks sir for full explanation about Tipsoo Lake. It is a great information for me, because I will come in America next month. Regards

@adonidabril, Tipsoo lake looks superb and its environment is also be delicious but I also want to describe one of the best lake and world highest located lake Tilicho which is most popular tourism place to visit and look the lake side view and enjoy the beautiful mountain and hilly area location.
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Thank you in Advance !!!


@adonisabril your iformation is best of collecting photo is attractive

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@adonisabril .. this is really awesome & eye catching shot .

Beautiful scene. Natural beauty with mountain and trees. Everyone would like to go here.


amazing looking lake ever

but where it is located in USA??

This place is very very heart touching and like cool in summer season

Wow, great pics and great information

realy mind blwing nature & beutyfull looking the place...

@adonisabrial i am from india how much cost to visit there. ?

@adonisabril its a best place ... I love that environment ... ...thanks for sharing ...

Where this lake situated ??


Such great post I really like ur post that's why I'm follow u .....
I really appreciate ur all post..

Nature is really very beautiful the photos are so marvelous just imagine how you will feel when you will be there actually


Really sir , good think but don't imagine keep going which you want


Definitely one day I will visit

adonisabril, sir how I go in this place..?

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Which is the best time to going TIPSOO LAKE?

tipsoo lake is amazing, i will visit it some day. i like the images as well,

You can made one Hollywood movie. I'm sure he is going super hit.

I would definitely like to visit tipsoo lake . Its kinda an amazing place that I dreamt about. One can easily see the natural beauty in the womb of heaven.
When I get a chance to visit this place I would definitely take a lot of pictures as stated by author very well.
Hope To Visit In a year or two!

Wow!! Love this info, because i love nature's beauties & every body does. So what is the best time to be there ?

I also want to visit this place . It's looking awesome. Am excited to click many pictures and to explore this beautiful place. pzz upvote my post i will upvote your post

What is the best time to explore that place??😍

Sir how many time you have visited this place its really awesome


Sir how many time
You have visited this place
Its really awesome

                 - surajgurjar

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@adonisabril Tipsoo Lake is very beautiful....What is the best time to visit here?

Thank you, friend, your blog is such great one

Tipsoo Lake is like a Pond but looking very Nice and Beautiful Sir.

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thank you sir information give me. i am not about this lake. DO YOU realy wonderful pond?

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Woowwwww @adonisabril really it's amazing post here on Steemit for those people who were like to connect with nature and always hungry to do adventurous things. and would like to visit Tipsoo Lake in futuere
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Wow. Amazing shots and great article. Will be defenetly on my list if I can go to this area. Resteemed.

Hello I see your content I wood like this

@andonisabril nice and amazing. My wish is to visit such places, I like snow.

@adonisabril Amazing view, Is there any type of skating faculty is available?

Tipsoo Lake looks good ....whenever will in Washington for sure to visit if having time....and kudos for grate shoot @adonisabril and how was day when you visited ?

Very beautiful, feeling cold . I love this kind of place, sunset view, drink coffee, and enjoy. By the way which month is better for visit with family?

I really do not like cold weather because of health issue, however really enjoy monsoon.We have monsoon in our country at this time of the year and i am really enjoying getting myself wet in rains.Please come to my country , we can enjoy rains and work together on Steemit Platform and invite other also to work on this platform so that we can build ourself and others.

Tipsoo Lake is looking sow nice place very good place to roam during the summer day. thank you so much for the informative post I love the pictures. I wish I could go see the lake someday. It's gorgeous

@adonisabril its very beautiful place, hope i'll visit one day. thanks for sharing these beautiful info, see you in future for such kind of post.

#adonisabril do you really think that we can get enough good photos on this lake for ourselves.

love it, Tipsoo Lake is tiny but amazing.

Hii @adonisabril really Tipsoo Lake is one of the best lake, i would like to visit there in future.
but i will be happy if you will share some more information about Tipsoo Lake.

and bro don't miss to follow me and upvote for my posts with your suggestion in comment box.
Thanks and love

@adonisabril what is the best time to visit? as i am from India.

Kub sunder lagsay karap not.

Did you really captured this all picture?
Its Beautifull... The Tipsoo Lake.

looking good..