Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State

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Washtingon Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls is Washington's most popular waterfall with over 1.5 million people visiting each year. Located only 25 miles outside of Seattle, Snoqualmie Falls is among the United States most magnificent waterfalls. The roaring water is a sight to behold and a useful source of naturally created hydro-electric energy for the area. You may see the falls from a handy playground area using a stage providing 180-degree views of the waterfall.


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Amazing photos

Thats a stunning scenery bro. This photo can be used as a postcard for its being majestic view of nature. kudos!


Agreed this shot would make a great postcard.


Totally amazing photo. I enjoy the multiple waterfalls surrounded by lush foliage.


Totally amazing photo. I enjoy the multiple waterfalls surrounded by lush foliage.


Amazing photography, as usual

This is water hill on earth


water you talking about?

Ooooouuu really amazing shot. Super view nature.

awesome...really beautiful place...Thanks for your great post..

Love it... extra green even for washington!

Realmente hermoso paisaje, gracias por compartir

Amazing place! Hard to believe that it's real) I wish to visit it myself one day!

That looks like heaven.

Imteresting Camera settings

And are Sony Cameras good?

Hello,beautiful work, i really love it !

Whoa amazing picture @adonisabril. When i look at it i just realize that getting aside from violence and hatred, how beautiful this world really is. But we just need to observe it and praise it. Classy photography. A veey mesmerizing shot. The shining waterfall and the sunlight looks amazing. The vallleys are green and refreshing.

thanks to Charles Baker and @adonisabril and sony A7II

que bella esa cascada, realmente una hermosura de la naturaleza

The Paradise. What a beautiful place. It is one of those places that never go away. Thanks for sharing interesting post and wonderful photography. I loved! Its wonderful!


Hermosa fotografia, tambien soy fotografo, te mando un abrazo grande, tienes mucho talento.

¡Qué hermosa foto! la naturaleza siempre mostrando su belleza. Éxitos.

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Thanks is looking so of best picture which I have ever seen.

That is one of the natural beauty, how beautiful is that waterfall, the world has many natural beauty, but that cascades a pleasant view of the natural landscape, and especially in the sound of falling water @adonisabril

Wow amazing shot, im new here at steemit and i also do some nature photography, you can check my blog

Wow! This is really beautiful. How nice!

Beautiful picture of a beautiful place This is a place that never forgets. Thank you so much for sharing with us wonderful photography

lovely as a dream!!
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Up vote if you like it. Looking forward to hear more from you.

The paradise. what a beautiful place. it's miles one of those places that by no means depart. Thank you for sharing exciting put up and incredible pictures. I cherished! it's superb! looking more.

What a beautiful shot @adonisabril. You captured this one on the right moment, beautiful light... amazing scene!

really incredible scenery is very beautiful I really want to visit there, beautiful sangking and pasilitasnya also complete

Such a beautiful set of falls. I really have to get down to Washington with some time off!


Hit me up if you do! I've moved here since last October and still discovering new places to shoot :)

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

Wow that is really beautiful! You're a very talented photographer :)

Nice click, really natural photo

very nice

Wow, awesome photo!

Majestuoso, la creación es maravillosa. El ambiente es increíble, por ello debemos cuidarlo.

Washington state is full of natural beauty. I've never been to the falls but I've driven through snoqualmie pass numerous times on I-90. Went out to the Gorge for a concert, it was about a 3 hr drive but the setting was spectacular.

Just wow! My jaw literally dropped after seeing this photo! It is really amazing!

Looks absolutely unbelievable!!!

Wow...Such a spectacular view!

Wonderful place!

Nature never ceases to amaze me. There is something about waterfalls that makes them so intimidating in my eyes - true power and beauty of nature. Excellent photography!

When looking at this photo, I carefully see how beautiful our planet is and the majesty of our God when creating all things for the delight of humanity, it hurts that we do not know how to appreciate them. too relaxing that landscape

The photography is excellent. What a very picturesque nature view. Thanks for sharing this with us. Vey fabulous and captivating. I wish I can visit that place sometimes in the near future.

fantastic nature!

Superb photography, great information, a really excelent post.

Place added in my bucket list :)

Piękny krajobraz.

Wow , so beautiful

Another point of view, almost all the photographs I have seen of these falls are from below and frontal. From this perspective, the greatness of the surrounding forests can be appreciated. I imagine that from over there one should feel at the top of the world and the thunderous sound of the water hitting the rocks should be like a song that makes one believes that is capable of achieving anything. A very inspiring photo, thanks for sharing.

Excellent photo! Upvoted and following!

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Nice photo. Well done.

Wow this is so beautiful, it doesn’t even look real. Thank you for sharing.

A nice photo of a cool composition. It's a captured photo temet

Wow.. I love the light and the 🌲🌲. It makes me want to go out hiking!

Just beautiful . 😊

A very informative essay and a stunningly gorgeous vista captured in your photo. I had never heard of Snoqualmie Falls before.

great capture and details mate! appreciatable ^_^