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I sell my photos to various stock agencies...about 9 of 'em for basically pennies on the Dollar. Photochain all sounds good "on paper." While the intent of Photochain (and Wemark for that matter) is good. The execution matters more. How are you guys going to lure corporate clients into your environment? I.E., buying clients. It doesn't matter if you got the best system for delivering the goods if there's nobody buying the goods.


Perhaps early investors and adopters are the keys. Or perhaps they should integrate a rewards system similar to Steemit while waiting for the photos to be sold. For now, I am satisfied with a few SBDs I get from my noob shots.

Im just proud of RUnicar for being ion the trending page

STeem takes care of his overhead so yeah let him try out his idea im just happy to see him come this long way to get on trending page! :) Go runicar go!

And honestly tho, seriouslt tho, oh well if it doesnt work, its a nice ide ato get into the stock photo business with steem :D lol SO many thinsg we cna do which are NO BRAINERS workingbusines smodels thatw ork on otehr site sthat WE na atcually DO when we scale and have instanbt registrationf or free, because once we do and have APPS that let u signbup instantly and backup uri key to lastpass or encrypted in ur email automaticlaly so,mehow, THEn we can expand and have ALL the big business apps uysings teem i mean we have a BUILT IN Money system in our social media backbone its AMAZINg dude steem is teh ULTAMITE platform yto develop on u can post social mediamake money advertisisng AND ifrom the steem rewad pool in Upvotes its a MIRACLE it works so well :D

Thanks @ackza but trying to read your comment gave me a serious headache and I failed to realize its point.

Great question and to be honest I had to talk with the Photochain team about it. This iss their answer.

  1. First we are bringing on board those media buyers who want to support the crypto economy. There are a lot of these out there, so these bigger players can help attract the others.

  2. As photographers naturally move over to platforms that treat them fairly, they won't be listing their photography on other platforms. Many photographers have told us that they only use stock photography platforms because there is no other way to sell, but once we go live they will take their photos off stock platforms. As a consequence of this, photo buyers will have to move over too.

  3. Pricing would be fairer as photographers can set their own prices and take home much more revenue than from elsewhere. In many cases, this will have the effect of actually lowering prices for buyers.

  4. Overall service level for buyers is better - blockchain will help them keep track of their own rights to each purchased image - less risk of accidentally breaking copyright rules, delivery in seconds, much simpler to use platform etc..

I'm really looking forward to seeing this happen. Hopefully, the hurdles won't be too high nor too close together.

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