This place is so lovely

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Hello friends

Just want to share with you Howe lovely and useful this place is.

This place is a playground name “Babylon Park” and it’s a close and air conditioned playground.

It’s best for hot or rainy days and it’s cheap also.

There’s some pictures from it.



No! The “thinking man” is not part of the park 😂🤣.



And there’s a lot of video games too.


And the best part is...

The children are very satisfied !!!

So, happy children means happy parents.


hi my dear friend, the happiness of a child is definitely happiness of parents.
how are you.

I’m fine, thank you.
Tired a little but satisfied.
How are you?

I'm fine too.
where are these weeks?

You know, work, home and work again.

my friend is in dire need of help.

Kid play zone are the most satisfying place for kids like us. I also post a similar post today on my visit to make come check that out