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I remember in my early days of blogging on Steem, I used to be so concerned about formatting. The markup language used here isn't very broad, so it only has basic text formatting. Many people don't realise, but HTML formatting actually works too, but I don't think you can mix the two. Also, I think different condensers allow different things.

There's the option of formatting on an external word processor or document designer and exporting as an image. That's one way out.

The ability to change the text colour is one thing I'd love to have here that I think will change the whole look and feel of the platform. In one way, though, there's also some kind of simplicity that I like.

There's also the security aspects I suppose - the more complex the platform, the more avenue we create for would-be hacks and highjacks by unscrupulous parties.

As someone who shows a lot of photos, one feature I'd like is galleries. As it is now, if one doesn't want to display each photo one after the other, the closest thing to a gallery is using tables.

Some condensers make tables easier, like eSteem, while some make photos in tables easier to view, like Busy. Either way, I like to create the gables manually. It took me a little while to get my head around at first, but I got the hang of it after a few attempts. Now it's very intuitive for me.

Rustic London On Film


Some of the photos from a photowalk in London with the Beers&Cameras group. I used a vintage Soviet-Era lens on a Japanese film SLR using an M42 to Canon adapter. The film used was Kodak ColorPlus 200

I could achieve the same as above by using a collage. I could create that externally on Photoshop or Canva, but it will result in one image showing nine photos. Each photo wouldn't be individually visible for those interested in seeing them that way.

I'm sure when SMTs arrive and 3rd parties start to build on top of Steem, we may well get a proper "Steepshot", R.I.P, that will provide such a feature.

What is the feature you would most like to see?


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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Steempeak at least lets you change the feed view to make the photos bigger. If you click a picture in a post it zooms it up and you can cycle through the others with the arrow keys. That is neat. Photographers will demand this sort of feature. I really think Steempeak is what Steemit could have been and it's my main UI on the PC.

I haven't really given Steempeak a go yet. I really like the clean look of Busy the most, so I spend most of my time on that.

You should give it a try. They seem to have had photographers in mind. It uses Steem Keychain to log in.

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