The bee is looking for honey in the grass flower

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Bee activities in the day to get flower honey

Unique bee life and almost the same as butterfly activities that are also looking for flowers, but different from bees that take flower extract to make honey in the nest. the habit of bees is very busy looking for flower extract when hatching small bees in its nests, bees produce honey from all flowers or from the flower extract needed by bees.

The activity of bees looking for honey

at this stage, I can only get one picture of a bee in the blooming white grass flower,
and it was very difficult for me to get more pictures of this bee activity on its activities today.

Posts about the life of all types of insects in nature

Thank you to friends who always support my activities in seeing all forms of insect life activities that live in the Acehnese nature.


Wow Mind blowing photography.. thanks for sharing and upvote and resteemit done..