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Hey guys! I do a lot of portrait photography and I really enjoy being creative with it. As post each photo I’ll talk a little more 😊


So this is actually my girlfriend, (pretty right?) and she’s my main model. We have had the pleasure of doing shoots for a few photo companies and that’s kind of what keeps us having fun and creative!


This photo is of Kalen Thorien, she’s a professional skier and traveler. I got hired to travel with a motorcycle company across wyoming and capture moments through photography and that’s how I met her. Wonderful lady and the trip was amazing.


This photo I took of Kaleb Grosso is my tattoo artist. Amazing dude and a great artist, I’ve gotten many of my pieces from him here in Wyoming!


And for my last photo for this post is this awesome spot in the mountains close to where I live. This is Kaycen Townsend, awesome girl who is a trooper for withstanding the smoke that was constantly burning her eyes. Still one of my favorite photos to date.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and reading up on my work and adventures. Hope to build some awesome relationships!

Rock On 🤘🏼

Also, I forgot to actually include my girlfriends name because to me she’s my girl but to you she’s a model, her name is Andee Wilcox. 😊 HAVE AN AWESOME DAY

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Nice looking photos my man 😁 keep on keeping on!

Great job @adamritterbush. I love your photos


Thanks man! Appreciate it

I like the portraits.
What lens do you use for portraits? :)


Thank you! I use a Nikkor 35mm :)