NEW! Drone footage in the snowy mountains of Slovenia! @adamicelli

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Hi Steemians!

Brand new drone footage from the snowy mountains of Slovenia.

Yesterday we were making a rap video with @shakazula and a super talented rapper from the US Luzidoflows
(check him out at IG: and YT:!).

The weather was cold as hell and really really windy, so we had a limited time to make a great video some photos of the area.

I was suprised how good the mavic handled the situation but my hands werent so good at handling the weather.

The video of the shooting will come in the near future, till then you can check this photos:






Some behind the scenes photos:



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Keep Steemin!


Great photos of your trip. I hope you are good friends with the rest.

Great pictures, Upvoted

Thank you! :)

Looks like ya'll had great time up there again :) Really amazing shots, awesome job man! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks man! :)

Love it, well done.

I'm half Slovenian, don't see enough pictures of the place. Where were those cabins? Was in it a place called Pohorje?
You guys should check my latest post too if you have time. I'm an animator / vfx motion graphics artist......drone footage and animations / tracking always go very well together. Let me know if you ever need some animation help etc. Have a good one and keep droning! Up up and Awaaaayyyy!!!!

Ok didn't notice in the top left of the video was Pohorje hahaha.....that answers my question. Doh!!!

Sorry for the delayed reply...This was in Pohorje,near the Skiresort Rogla. Thank you for the information! Will check you out! You have a new follower :)

Awesome ,,,I just love Slovenia ans Croatia...lovely wines as well....delighted to follow and upvote... Do have a look at my blog... I will be uploading some of my secret stash of videos and photos on Dtube and Steemit...and if you like what you see... great if you could return the compliment and Upvote and Follow

Ohh yes, our wines are the best :). Will check you out! :) Thanks!

WOW! Great capture!

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Nice job on the drone. I hope you'd share the video when it's done. ^^

I will share the final video as soon as possible :) Thanks!

Wow! Amazing! Excellent work. I was stunned by the beauty of the scenery. This is an easy vote for me. Please keep up the work and continue producing great content like this.


Thank you!! :) Sorry for the delayed reply, i hope to post more content in the near future :)

The Mavic is crazy good in the wind isn't it (although in iceland i did have to stick it in sports mode to get enough power to get it back to me - that was a scary moment). It's like watching a Kestrel's head stay perfectly still while the rest of the body is flapping around frantically!

Yes it is really good in windy conditions, but if you want to have a stable video it can be hard. Ohh, i really dont want to experience this feeling ! :o I was afraid when i saw that the battery was only at 9 degrees C. But in the end the mavic handled it :)

Beautiful! you shoot with a phantom 4 pro ?

Amazing photography and awesome video too. I hope to see more from you.

Thank you, more content comes in the near future :)

You are welcome. I will look forward to seeing more too. :)