Yuli & Kasia | Studio dance photoshoot

in #photography6 years ago

You know what?
Shooting dancers in the studio is boring.
I mean, from the photography point of view - because they are mostly fun people, and you have great time with them.
But still - after background & lights are set, camera is mounted on the tripod, everything is checked - it's like work on assembly line.
Pose - click - "we got this!" - next pose - click - "repeat!" - click... and 500 pictures later you can finish.

The real challenge is to find a good team. Not only dancers who really knows what they do, but also someone who can be with you behind the camera and check immediately how the photos look like, and give professional directions to the dancers. Because probably you can't ;-)


CameraCanon 6D + 85/1.8
LightsOne 400Ws strobe in 1.2m octa as main light, another 400Ws strobe with small reflector pointed to the white ceiling for fill.

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