AcroYoga Babes - Capaturing beauty and movement

in photography •  last year

Recently I had the pleasure to practice my photography skills capturing @karensuestudios and her sister. AcroYoga is my passion and it is so much fun to take creative pictures of my friends practicing it. Here are some shots that I took.





Have an awesome day!

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Haha. I like the dude in the yellow shirt. What is he doing there??


I am not quite sure. I think he wanted to be in the shot. He kept walking around by us... lol


it's nice and creative

I love the security gaurd in that pic XD i made a special steemit Emoji MSpaint compilation artwork for you! Enjoy!!!


This is crazy , but i kinda like it! :)


Please don't call this artwork, haha, I'm sorry


sorry but it is as much Artwork as anything else. Welcome t0 2017


to be honest, I really did chuckle.

I also love acro-yoga! thanks for sharing! I would love to know more about it, like the names of the postures as well as the performers and, maybe, the benefits for the body and mind that one and each posture as well as their corresponding movement brings to us.

Namaste :)


AcroYoga is soo fun!
I'll be doing more beginner video tutorial very soo!! ;)
I hope you check them out.
Thanks for stopping by friend! :)


You bet, it is my pleasure and it was a treat to come across your posts last night. Now that I am part of your fellowship, I'll be keeping an eye on your work and will make sure to check out these videos. @taissia and I have a lot of work cut out ahead of us in this matter and we both look forward to delving more deeply into it.

Namaste :)

So many babes in your acrobatography... Haha. Best wishes buddy!


One of the great perks of acroyoga, so many beautiful people ;)


Everyone is in great shape too!

Nice , thanks for sharing
but be careful.


Thank you friend! :)

The best photo I see that makes my day today... Honestly, these ladies is really beatiful...


They are beautiful in many ways ! :)
Thanks for stopping by!!

Wow amazing

Wow nice one and happy steeming.


thanks! :)


Ur welcome.

ooo i was thinking to start acroyoga! would you say it's hard?

also great pics :)


You should definitely check it out!
Most major cites will offer AcroYoga classes.
It takes some practice to get the techniques, but it is actually pretty accessible ;)

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Cool, but I dunno how to do this


You can do it!! 😉

ah si si ,, ya ahorita me pongo en esas.. y me doy mi matracaso jejeje.. que bien,,, (Y)

That security guard in the background really needs yoga,more than the babes:)


I know huh! 😉

Amazing! Liked !

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great stunts you have @acromott... flexible.. maybe i should try it ^_^

This was a great post. Thank you for sharing. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you future work!

Razor focus into beautiful posed photos, @acromott

So beautiful post @acromott. Upvoted and following! please follow and upvote back @iuliatsurkan

I love acroyoga, but unfortunately I only have very few moves.

wooow fantastic ♥♥♥

Nice .. Honestly, these ladies is really beatiful..

Wow!! Nice photography these are.

I think acroyoga is great practise & best exercise for be a healthy person.

Sweet and sexy babes. Hey! acromott hope you can do that as well.

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The security guard could do with a few acro yoga sessions himself.