Out for a walk

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I went out for a walk today, the sun was shining and it was about 7 degrees celsius. I had recently posted some photos from the park so I decided to go another route today and snap some more pics.

It was quite cloudy though and the sun kept hiding behind the clouds every now and then.






There was already a lot of life in the pond

A zoom in on that, lower quality


I really like taking pictures of clouds as some of you might have noticed who have seen my photography posts over the years, hope to be able to do more of that soon.


Last pieces of ice melting away


This field is usually bright green during the summer, probably starting to get there


Small blue/purple flowers popping up in early spring


Hope you enjoyed these photos, taken with my phone's camera. I should really upgrade to a real camera soon!

Can't wait for summer!


Something us gamers and those that spend way too much time in front of computer screens need to take more time out of our days to go out and do. Looks like a fun pond/lake to walk around and some woods to explore. I hope you have some great trails to use.

True! Take some time to breath the coolness of nature and stop facing the computer for a moment. Summer is coming so soon, may you enjoy every single day when it comes. :D

Those are some nice views! I'm pretty sure the same sceneries will look even better when it's summer and everything is green.

i like green too specially our nature.. plants, trees etc..

First and only person on the world that makes money with gaming but actually goes outside too?


you should prepare now for the upcoming summer walk :D

Well Acid! Spring is over in my region and Summer has arrived. Warm air is blowing in afternoon while nights are lill bit chilled yet. I think 7 degree celcious is quite reasonable weather condition to enjoy the beauty f the Spring isn't it ?

By the way you really the know the art how to use the lens of the camera to take wonderful scenes. Thank you so very much for the awesome Photography Man <3

You live in Lahore in southern Pakistan on the coast?

No, i live in the main city Lahore. Among the huge buildings @markkujantunen

I mixed Lahore up with Karachi. Sorry about that. Well, yes Lahore seems to be in the north.

Wow, you have great information about both of my national cities, impressed :)

Ah, way less full-of-shit spring photos than what @celestal last posted!
(Guess the winter-to-spring transformation period is ending!)
PS! That's one beautiful park! :)

I ve said it before.But I truly like the place you live
Rivers,lake near the forest....epic
Especially when the weather is nice

We are surrounded by water here, it gets really beautiful during the summers! :)

I can see.Besides Finland is also called country of the thousand lakes.Right?
Water everywhere

Hey, don't feel bad, the Sun is hiding over here too. Its almost May, and it feels like October on the east coast. I'm in the same boat with using a phone camera. I hear the iPhone takes great pics tho.

I have not been out in such good weather for a long time. I spend a lot of time at work. The air is darkened until I go home. You are very lucky to have this. I'm glad you had a good time! The water is shining like a jewel. And the photo shoots are very successful. Thanks for your lovely sharing dear friend

I'll join you on that imaginary walk. Damn, fresh air is great!
Now I'm ready to destroy some arses in CS.

Did you say just 7 OC? The lowest temperature I have ever experienced was 20 O.

Nice little shots. Never knew you are also into photography. I've always known you to be a gamer and a crypto enthusiast.

Beautiful pictures. In my place the temperature is almost 30 degree celcius. I am yet to experience a colder temperature like 7 degree Celsius. I think the life there is entirely different. Which country do you belongs to?

Edit: I have found it is Finland.

Beautiful photography post. I like your photography. I am very happy for your beautifull content about photography. Thanks you

incredible landscape Like an uninhabited place.@acidyo

The more often we see the things around us even the beautiful and wonderful things the more they become invisible to us. That is why we often take for granted the beauty of this world: the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds even those we love. Because we see things so often, we see them less and less...

nice view @acidyo nature at its best 😍😊

What a beautiful morning when you are on the river
Really a very nice outing
I wish you all the happiness
Very professional photography

I’ve always liked going for a simple walk, although in the past few years I’ve been hard-pressed to make myself make the time for it. The past few days have given me more reason to walk than just the simple exercise, it’s a good way to get out and get away from the stress of your life.The past week I’ve been dealing with an abnormal amount of stress in my work, personal life, and just about around every corner of my day. So I’ve been using a 20 minute walk as a way to get away from everything and take some time for myself to sort out what’s going through my head. Of course it’s not a requirement that you think at all when you go for a stroll down the road, it’s nice to just not think of anything but putting one foot in front of the other for a while.

Nice to hear from you @acidyo , and thanks for being active in the community despite not posting!

As a newcomer to crypto in general, and steemit in particular, I'm mostly excited about the recent drops. It means I'll get a good opportunity to get in :) having just purchased around 500eur worth of BTC when it dropped to 1800 yesterday I am ready to start powering up my steem as soon as the steem value goes to the point I hope to buy it at :) (Although I would not be surprised to see it fall a bit more before August the 1st I still hope this time is a good time to invest long-term!)

I like to think of the investments a lot like potential rewards from posts here, you should not feel entitled and get used to them during big uptrends or big upvotes, remember that anything can happen before payouts and same thing goes for the crypto-space.

Indeed! or as I think I've written in some other context: Be careful when celebrating success by a rising price, or you risk thinking it's failing when price falls. Focus on developing. So let us just focus on writing great content and building an increasingly awesome community!

And finally. Those pictures are amazing! having lived in Paris now for 10 months I really miss the ability to just walk outside and be in nature :) You're lucky to have that!


that was coor morning with river.

Very beautiful pictures you took during your walk. Reminds me of a path i like to walk through in my home country Sweden. The tree's, the open sea and the lush forest truly is breathtaking in it's beuty.

Thanks for sharing this, and i have a cat with the exact same colors as Hugo, but my cat is named Ser. Pounce The Knight :) haha

Beautiful pictures. Spring is special. As you say, there should be little flowers on this place soon. This is spring. In anticipation. We don't see the flowers, but our heart rejoices, because he knows they're there. They'll be here soon. Spring is a sweet hope. And in the spring it is impossible not to admire the world around. The magic of awakening of nature and our souls in the spring.Have a nice day.

WIW so amazing I can practically smell those waters on my nose, the forest shades looks sweet, it's pretty little cold, I would have frozen where it be me. What season is this?

Thanks for the photos. The snow seems to be gone already was well as all the ice on the pond. We are not that far here yet. A few days ago, a boat captain at Lahti Harbour told me he expects the lake ice to be gone before the 1st of May. There was a lot of it still left.

Awesome to see you outside as well :) What a beautiful park! We kind of already have summer here, over 26 degres celsius for more than a week now. Amazing shots, steem on ma man! :)

I love places with less traffic. The wilder and more secluded, the better. Chewie has social difficulties so I am able to relax if he can be off leash. Lovely post Caity!
I really love your lil kitty signature at the bottom!
Glad the boys and you had such a nice day :)

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.
These pics are simply awesome @acidyo , nature at its best, the pond looks good with clouds covering it.

I wouldn't have argued if you had told me you used a real camera.....
I love the pictures, the first hot me more .

oh!great walking,it was amazing and nice bro i hope

this place is same as kashmir same ponds, lake, trees, monuments and much more

You are such a lucky man to have lived among nature. Nice one @acidyo

post a great picture @acidyo .. while walking you can collect money

Wow love the look of the clouds so wonderful
And I must say this that camera is epic, loving all the shots

What a nice morning!!!nature is so beautiful

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Photograph are really outstanding. I also love photography. The picture of sky is good enough.
Other Alos good. Thanks for sharing.

Very beautiful photos.

looks like a pretty cool place to be enjoying the summer!

it, gets really beautiful during the summers! :)

wow awesome sceneries. You captured the serenity of the place

Your walk area is amazing with such a beautiful park, canal and buildings. Blue sky covered with white cloud is giving awesome looks. @acidyo

Beautiful photography post. I like your photography. I am very happy for you article about it photography. Thanks for so much.

As the sun is reluctant to reveal its form :D

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What is the location :)
Nice place. I am guessing that is somewhere in the UK by the architecture

It's pretty there.

Waow Everything so bright and beautiful. Really cool and nice photos @acidyo

A camera would be a good idea, even though these pictures have a decent quality.


where do you live ? (because it would be cool to know where the pictures are taken)

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @acidyo

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awesome photography bro . thanx for sharing. perfect photographs :)

This are actually very beautiful photos. Thank you for giving us sth different. How about a food blog soon? Lol

I definitely want to spend a year of my life in Finland, maybe more

Amazing spring photography.
I appreciate Finland ...I love it.

Beautiful photography. Great post. Upvote and Resteem done.

amazing pretty fhotoya, i love fhoto [email protected]

What a beautiful view
Maybe I should travel over to Finland 😂😂😂

Cameras are pretty expensive in Africa, everyone dreams of having one, someday when you get a better one do remember to send this one down to me here in African, we have lot of fun places here in africa to take pictures. Nice pictures ones again, summer at your place will be [email protected]

Looks like the Netherlands 😀

Nature is just too beautiful

Have fun in the Sun!!
You're blessed to live close to this place!

joyful trips, and wonderful photos of your wonderful place

You seem obviously versatile, great pictures taken from beautiful angles....thumbs up boss

wish i could come visiting all the way from Nigeria

Beautiful pictures these are. Walking is a good exercise my friend. Enjoy your day

Wow. Beautiful pics my friend!!! I love seeing things like this on here.

No sé por qué, pero me gusta el ambiente y cómo los arboles son el primer plano (refieriéndose al atractivo de la zona).

yes, I enjoyed the pictures.

Can't wait to see the bright green feilds. It's nice to experience some countries just having spring!

Where I'm from January is already summer!

Yeah, you should walk more.
Because it will refresh you and when you come back your Vel'koz Mid will be much more kickass.

It's great to see post that talk about seasons here, since I'm not able to experience that -tropical country-. Taking pics helps you to find not only more about the place itself, but more about you and what you love.
Cute pics, would like to know where are u from (I'm pretty much a new reader 👀)

very beautiful scenery happy to see her

Very nice place, I love the nature, a lot of people think that in Finland you have a lot of snow, but it's not, I see. ☺

Omgggg. the place is so beautiful 😍


It is a perfect way to realize that the world is indeed marvelous. For those who are to busy, I hope you will not miss the wonders.

@acidyo's out of work article felt fresh.

That's a well deserved trek, especially for a busy person like you @acidyo. The scenery in your place is lovely and soothing and the architecture also looks legit & classy.
With your permission, we would like to feature your beautiful images on the 47th edition of Photocircle's Daily for the category "smartphone photography", we hope to get a positive feedback from you. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Man I would give anything to live at a place like this. I love this kind of weather and the river side area, the sceneries are soothing give a relaxing feeling. You are living my dream.

Actually, I think your phones camere makes some decent images. I really like the nature. Whenever I walk in the Netherlands near my work there is not much nature to be found but when at home I can found some. But where we live everything is flat which can become boring sometimes. Nevertheless it is nice watching phofographs from other people from all over the world.

It's a fun trip, it's also a beautiful landscape photo

Very good place I like it 😊

Very nice picture, it feels very cool it! 😊

Great work brother successful for you brother

Good thing you can go out and admire nature and I would like to have the same thing but I live where there are only cows and snakes ah and a lot of grass :(

Hopefully that is the last of the snow/ice until winter!

Those white geese/swans look absolutely massive! It reminds me of this in Washington DC:


it must have been a nice walk.
i like your 8th picture best; the sky through the clouds.

Nice photos :)

This looks a lot like the scenery around where I live. I don't get out as much as I like though. Your pictures have inspired me lol. So, I'm going to go for a walk tomorrow as well. >_<

I completetly love your pictures @acidyo